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  2. Talks
  3. Lunch
  4. Lightning Talks
    Attendee Lightning Talks

    Hear quick, five-minute talks from Shopify Partners on their tips and tricks of the trade.

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  6. Break
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  8. Networking
  1. Office Hours
  2. Office Hours
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Sunday, October 01, 2017

  • 07:00 PM

    Pre-event Networking Evening

    For anyone who is arriving early to Vancouver, we will be hosting a pre-event networking evening with all of our speakers and fellow attendees. Join us at the Dockside, located in the Granville Island Hotel lobby bar for drinks and small bites on us.


    1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

Monday, October 02, 2017

  • 09:30 AM


    Please join us for breakfast once you register. We are also offering office hours during this time.

  • 10:30 AM

    Shopify Keynote

    To become a world-class business, you have to hire world-class people — and that means attracting talent from around the world. Marcie Murray will share strategies to help you build and scale remote teams, and how to develop a remote culture that will set you up for success.

    Marcie Murray

    Director of Merchant Support, Shopify

  • 11:15 AM

    The Growth and Impact of an International Community

    Community growth is an effective way for brands to organically scale their organization. Stephan Peralta interviewed Shopify Partners from around the globe to uncover challenges, solutions, and strategies for an effective, community-based ROI. Hear what he discovered.

    Stephan Peralta

    SOVI Creative

  • 12:00 PM

    Lunch Break and Office Hours

    Please join us for lunch on the main floor. Office hours will also be running during this break.

  • 01:30 PM

    Lightning Talks

    Quick, five-minute talks from 6 Shopify Partners on their tips and tricks of the trade.

  • 02:00 PM

    How Getting Rejected From the Theme Store Inspired Our Best Work

    Getting rejected isn’t fun, but Pixel Union's Emma Palm discusses how they turned it into a fail-forward moment. She’ll discuss her team's market-driven theme design process, and why empathy is their greatest asset.

    Emma Palm

    Pixel Union

  • 02:45 PM

    5 Colossal Mistakes That Led to a Better Customer Experience

    Jody Edgar will discuss the five biggest mistakes he’s made in the last 10 years of working with Shopify merchants. He’ll delve into how these catastrophic blunders led to a completely unique way of doing business.

    Jody Edgar


  • 03:30 PM

    Coffee Break and Office Hours

    Take a break for coffee, and a light snack. We will also continue office hours during this time.

  • 04:00 PM

    Brand Yo’ Self

    Husband-and-wife team Jeremy Watt and Julie Brown will explain how their agency’s name attracts the type of clients they enjoy working with. Learn why you shouldn’t underrate your agency, studio, or freelance company’s branding.

    Jeremy Watt and Julie Brown

    Up Later Than You

  • 04:45 PM

    How to Give Merchants and Their Customers the Best Product Experience

    A great product experience includes not just the technology, but the team that supports it. In this session, Lexy Wright will share how to give merchants the best possible experience by leveraging your team and the Shopify community.

    Lexy Wright


  • 05:30 PM

    Networking Happy Hour

    Please join us for refreshments and snacks to end the day.


Office hours

Get some invaluable face time with your region-specific Partner Manager. Chat about your business’ growth, the challenges you’re facing, or what opportunities are on the horizon.

Vancouver Performance Works

Vancouver Performance Works

1218 Cartwright St., Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8

This 1920s machine shop on Granville Island, just outside of downtown Vancouver, was transformed into a beautiful performance arts theatre in 1992.