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  4. Lightning Talks
    Attendee Lightning Talks

    Hear quick, five-minute talks from Shopify Partners on their tips and tricks of the trade.

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  1. Office Hours
  2. Office Hours
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

  • 07:00 PM

    Pre-event Networking Evening

    For anyone who is arriving early to New York, we will be hosting a pre-event networking evening with all of our speakers and fellow attendees. Join us at the Williamsburg Hotel lobby bar, Harvey’s for drinks and small bites on us.

    The Williamsburg Hotel

    96 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Thursday, September 28, 2017

  • 09:30 AM


    Please join us for breakfast once you register. We are also offering office hours during this time.

  • 10:00 AM

    Shopify Keynote

    Why building a customer support team and onboarding program is vital to the success of your business. Shopify’s Matty Bastin-Millar shares lessons on building healthy support systems and insight into how to get there.

    Matty Bastin-Millar

    Support Training Lead, Shopify

  • 10:45 AM

    The Contrarian Consultant: Counter-Intuitive Strategies to Grow Your Business

    Over the last seven years, Kurt Elster has made mistakes, tried dozens of tactics and strategies, and finally built a successful business for the life he wants, all with Shopify. Hear about the three core, yet counter-intuitive, strategies (all of which scared Kurt until he tried them) that have been chiefly responsible for his business's success.

    Kurt Elster


  • 11:30 AM

    Partner Presentation - NS8

    We will hear from our Tour Partner on best practices in storefront protection.

    Adam Rogas


  • 12:00 PM

    Lunch Break and Office Hours

    Please join us for lunch on the main floor. Office hours will also be running during this break.

  • 01:30 PM

    Lightning Talks

    Quick, five-minute talks from 6 Shopify Partners on their tips and tricks of the trade.

  • 02:30 PM

    Our Transition to Automated Sales

    As your business evolves and scales, your sales process needs to adapt to keep up. Natasha Murphy discusses how her agency uses automation to streamline the delivery of sales leads, tackling a major business challenge head on.

    Natasha Murphy

    Nicely Built

  • 03:15 PM

    Strategies for Successfully Defining and Winning Client Projects

    This session will deep-dive into best practices for properly scoping your client projects. Learn how to understand the client's role in the project, divide requirements into different functions, and create processes to help address inevitable 'scope creep.'

    Ross Beyeler

    Growth Spark

  • 04:00 PM

    Coffee Break and Office Hours

    Take a break for coffee, and a light snack. We will also continue office hours during this time.

  • 04:30 PM

    Putting the Client First: The Key to a Successful Agency

    Learn about client management best practices and how to cultivate client success. Colleen Oates and Shelly Socol cover approaches to transparent communication, project management, and creating a business model that favors both you and your client.

    Colleen Oates and Shelly Socol

    One Rockwell

  • 05:15 PM

    How to Create Profitable App Partnerships

    Gain insights into how an app and agency can best work together to create a partnership that is profitable for both. We’ll dive into what to look for when picking an app partner, how to start a partnership, and what to do once you’ve enticed your first client.

    Steve Deckert


  • 06:00 PM

    Networking Happy Hour

    Please join us for refreshments and snacks to end the day.


Office hours

Get some invaluable face time with your region-specific Partner Manager. Chat about your business’ growth, the challenges you’re facing, or what opportunities are on the horizon.

The Greenpoint Loft

The Greenpoint Loft

67 West St., Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

Originally a pre-WWII rope factory, this Brooklyn venue has been restored to its original raw appearance, and boasts a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline overlooking the East River.